How it all started

A creative journey to change the way we look at our daily essentials

1979: Opposites attract

Since the mid 80s, we - René and Marianne - have been active in the field of design. As a married designer couple that has been together since the ages of 14 and 17, we have always been each other’s complementary opposite. Like the sun and the moon; René – who initiated numerous patents – thinks in ways of mechanics while Marianne feels for consumer trends and fashion.

1997: Founding Secrid

We used our duality when establishing our design agency Spirid in 1990. During these two decades, we were closely involved in the introduction of the first electronic cash system in the Netherlands. We launched the Bodycard, our first minimal wallet, in 1997 when we noticed how this change in payments, safety and privacy was affecting the contents of people’s pockets. Although over half a million were sold, it remained a side project and never received our full attention.

2008: Chasing our dream

Due to the financial crisis in 2008, we had to chase our big dream. Our own brand and product line developed from our long-standing vision of changing the way we experience our daily necessities. With no more client work, we used our history to continue designing pocket essentials embodying our duality of fashion and product design.

2009: The Secrid Cardprotector

In 2009, we launched the aluminium Cardprotector and Secrid came to life. The Cardprotector was granted a Red Dot Design Award in 2010, the same year we launched our line of leather wallets.

2010: The iconic Miniwallet

Our leather wallets disrupted the wallet market, combining the world of traditional leather goods and robust cardholders. We won the European Aluminium Award with our Miniwallet in 2012.

2016: Our creative journey

We are humbled by the awards we’ve won and the fact we have been able to grow the amount of happy Secrid fans throughout the years. Currently our products can be found in 53 countries in over 4000 selected stores in fashion, design and gifts.