Made in holland

A better world starts in your pocket

Reshoring for quality

Ever since our first wallet was on the drawing table in 1997, we have deliberately chosen to produce close to home. This way assuring quality for our product, employees and our contribution to this big world.

Creative Teamwork

All of our 40 suppliers are less than 100 miles away. Only in close collaboration can we design our production process from start to finish and ensure all of our products are made here in Holland.


Only about ten companies in the world make high-precision aluminium profiles. As luck would have it, two of these are in the tiny country of the Netherlands.


One of the last tanneries in the Netherlands produces the largest part of our leather. This family business, established in 1906, combines traditional skills with modern techniques. They also supply Italian and French luxury fashion houses, with names as Gucci and Longchamp.

Social Enterprise

Every day, the employees of a social enterprise assemble our products with great enthusiasm and precision. Here everything comes together, from the sliding system to packaging to the wallets' unique serial number.