A versatile natural product

Our leathers

Leather comes in many forms and is produced in a wide variety of ways and styles. We choose to produce our leather exclusively in Europe; Germany, Italy and mainly here in Holland. This way we can ensure our leather is of the highest quality and tanned under good working conditions with care and attention to the environment. Read more about our production process here.

Our leather is made from European cowhides with a full-grain and aniline dyed basis, which can be worked for a diversity of unique looks and feels. We have a total of ten leather types in our collection.


Timeless classic

Whether you’re wearing a suit or worn-off jeans, this smooth leather with its naturally glossy finish fits every style. It’s no surprise then, this leather is a lasting favourite.

  • Corrected-grain leather
  • Smooth semi-aniline finish
  • European cowhide
  • Made in Holland and Italy


Full of character

Our Vintage leather has a carefully abraded surface and a wax finish that gives a stonewashed look. The wax makes it more sensitive to scratches, making this lively leather more personal over time.

  • Corrected-grain leather
  • Aniline dyed, finished with wax
  • More personal with use
  • European cowhide
  • Made in Holland


High-class croc, made of cowhides

This leather has a handmade crocodile embossed finish. The deep rich multitoned colour is achieved with the special tamponato technique and finished with a high gloss.

  • Corrected-grain leather
  • Finished by hand
  • High-gloss crocodile embossing
  • European cowhide
  • Made in Holland


Modestly extravagant

With a deep duotone colour, the fine lizard embossing makes Rango striking in subtle ways. A leather type that stands the test of time.

  • Corrected-grain leather
  • Deeply coloured, stain-resistant
  • Satin gloss lizard embossing
  • European cowhide
  • Made in Holland

Dutch Martin

Home-grown craftsmanship

Named after a Dutch artisan specialising in leather finishing, this leather was exclusively developed for our wallets. The hard carnauba wax makes the Dutch Martin characteristic in look and feel.

  • Full-grain leather
  • Finished with wax and oil
  • Natural glossy finish
  • European cowhide
  • Made in Holland


Bright grains of colour

Inspired by high-end fashion houses, Crisple is embossed with a fine Saffiano print. This leather is resistant to staining and scratching, ensuring a long-lasting feeling of luxury.

  • Corrected-grain leather
  • Deeply coloured, stain-resistant
  • Fine embossing
  • European cowhide
  • Made in Holland


Bold, yet refined

Its soft smooth surface makes Matte both distinctively colourful and discretely stylish. A rugged leather type that can withstand every daily hustle and bustle.

  • Corrected-grain leather
  • Soft matte finish
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • European cowhide
  • Made in Holland


Leather revived

We consciously transform left-over scraps of leather into a new product with unique features. This material changes over time, becoming darker and shiny through use.

  • Made from pieces of vegetable
  • tanned leather and latex
  • Colour and shine change through use
  • European bonded leather
  • Made in Germany


Elegant and edgy

This trendy leather has a unique foil finish that creates a shade of intense luminosity. The additional protective layer ensures a smooth and strong surface.

  • Full-grain leather
  • Finished with metallic foil
  • European calfskin
  • Made in Holland


Eye catching

A captivating Italian leather type that never loses its shine. Glamour has a soft touch with a finish of glittering foil.

  • Split leather
  • Finished with special foil
  • European cowhide
  • Made in Italy

Treatments & finishes

Full-grain leather

The top layer of the hide forms the highest quality leather. This favourite among luxury brands retains most of leather’s natural appeal. In contrast to corrected leather, the surface of full-grain leather has not been sanded to remove natural marks. Our full-grain leather variants are finished in one of two ways; aniline and semi-aniline.

Corrected-grain leather

Corrected-grain leather starts out as full-grain leather and is worked to create specific surface characteristics. By coating and sanding the leather we can create a variety of feels and looks. Our wallets made of corrected-grain leather are typically more resistant to water and stains.

Split leather

Our soft split leather takes its name from the production process, in which cowhides are split in two parts. The top layer forms full- or corrected-grain leather, while the bottom part forms the basis for split leather or suede. We use this leather to create highly altered leathers such as our Glamour line.


No matter how efficient, every production process has waste. Instead of discarding this waste, it can be used to create an entirely new material. Our Recycled line is made of vegetable-tanned leather scraps that are compressed using a latex bond. Unlike our other leathers, Recycled is not treated with wax or oil. Instead this final part of the production process is quite literary in your hands.

Full-aniline finish:

The soluble dyes used in aniline colouring don’t coat the skin but penetrate its surface, colouring it all the way through. Full aniline means no other finish had been used to cover the surface of the leather, keeping the leather’s look close to its natural origin. In this manner the natural texture with all its character remains visible.

Semi-aniline finish

Semi-aniline is a process similar to full-aniline, but adds a thin top coating to colour the leather further and/or protect it from wear and staining. Because we produce exclusively in the European Union, strict EU laws regulate the use of materials that could be damaging to health and the environment.